All our Polish dishes are made fresh daily, and we’re always happy to accommodate your special requests.

Made Fresh Daily


These stuffed, boiled dough dumplings are traditionally sautéed with oil and onions. Fillings include potato, potato & cheese, cheese, blueberry and sauerkraut.


Varieties include chicken noodle, cucumber, vegetable, barley, sauerkraut, lima bean, split pea, white borsch, red borsch, Ukrainian borsch, tomato and tripe.


We make a variety of fresh, tasty salads every day. Varieties include coleslaw, sauerkraut, red cabbage, cucumber, beet, vegetable, potato and seafood salads.

Bigos (Hunter’s Stew)

This traditional stew is made out of sauerkraut, mushrooms and polish sausage. Traditionally bigos is eaten with horseradish and either rye bread or potatoes.

Cabbage Polish-Style

This delicious cabbage includes fresh Polish sausage made with a variety of meats.

Golabki (Stuffed Cabbage)

These steamed cabbage rolls are filled with meat and rice, and covered in homemade tomato gravy.

Kopytka (Potato Dumplings)

These fresh boiled dumplings are best served with fried bacon and onions, and are great served with many of the meats that we offer.

Schnitzels (Pork & Chicken)

This breaded cutlet of boneless meat is lightly fried and served with potatoes and one of our salads. Try it on one of our made-to-order sandwiches on freshly baked bread!

Nalesniki (Cheese Blintzes)

These thin Polish crepes are filled with sweet cheese and make a great dessert. Serve with sour cream and sugar.


We make thick, hearty lunch sandwiches to order filled with our fresh meats and cheeses.


From fresh Polish to smoked sausages, we offer a variety of pork, beef and chicken sausages that can be served with any meal of the day.

Imported from Europe

Juices & Syrups

Try one of our multivitamin juices from Poland! We also carry syrups that can be used to sweeten tea, drinking water and used in various recipes.


Our shelves carry various types of Polish noodles such as lasanki.


We carry spicy, barbeque, French, horseradish and garlic mustard varieties that are perfect compliments to our sandwiches, Polish sausages and many of your own home recipes.

Cookies & Candy

Our Polish cookies include frosted and jelly-filled types good for breakfast or afternoon snacking, and our chocolate-covered jelly and fudge candies are made with melt-in-your-mouth European chocolate.


Our Polish jams come in natural and low-sugar varieties of strawberry, apricot, blueberry, plum, cherry, raspberry and mixed fruit.

Cucumbers & Pickles

We carry cucumbers in brine and Polish dill pickles straight from Poland.

Dried & Pickled Mushrooms

Our deli offers ready-made marinated and dried mushrooms for your cooking needs.


We offer great-tasting varieties of natural honey imported from Poland.

Herbal Teas

Our teas include domestic and imported herbal, chamomile, black, green, fruit and Earl Grey varieties.


Our deli features vitamin products and natural herbal medicines from Poland.

Beauty Products

We offer various high-quality creams, lotions and shampoos imported from Poland.

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